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Old 16-12-2012, 08:53
FaneDuru FaneDuru is offline
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Exclamation Set the VBProject of ActiveDocument if Template

How can I find the VBProject of the active document in case of template (Untitled-1, 2, 3...).
For a compiled document I can do that using the next code:
Dim VBEt As VBE, VBPr As vbide.VBProject, ActVBPr As vbide.VBProject
   Dim NameD As String
   Set VBEt = Application.VBE
    For Each VBPr In VBEt.VBProjects
        NameD = Right(VBPr.BuildFileName, Len(VBPr.BuildFileName) - _
                                            InStrRev(VBPr.BuildFileName, "\"))
        NameD = Left(NameD, Len(NameD) - 4)
        If NameD = Left(ActiveDocument.Name, Len(ActiveDocument.Name) - 4) Then _
                                                   Set ActVBPr = VBPr: Exit For
    If Not ActVBPr Is Nothing Then Debug.Print ActVBPr.Name
But how can I find in VBE the VBProject of the active Template document?
For each such document BuildFileName returns 'VBAProject.dll'...

I mean I need something like VBA Excel solves in this way:
 Set VPPr = ActiveWorkbook.VBProject
Thanks in advance!

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Old 09-01-2013, 13:46
FaneDuru FaneDuru is offline
Join Date: May 2012
Posts: 35

I can now 'mark' the template VBAProject using the next code in DocumentNew event of ThisMacroStorage (GlobalMacros):
(Of course referencing "Microsoft Visual Basic for Application Extensibility 5.3")
Private Sub GlobalMacroStorage_DocumentNew(ByVal Doc As Document, ByVal FromTemplate As Boolean, ByVal Template As String, ByVal IncludeGraphics As Boolean)
       Application.VBE.VBProjects(Application.VBE.VBProjects.Count).Name = _
                                                     Replace(ActiveDocument.Name, "-", "_")   
End Sub
Then, VBAProject of ActiveDocument can be set with the next piece of code:
Dim V As VBProject, VBAProjectOfActDoc As VBProject
 For Each V In Application.VBE.VBProjects
    If V.Name = Replace(ActiveDocument.Name, "-", "_") Then Set VBAProjectOfActDoc = V: Exit For
Since the document name is present between parenthesis near the VBProject name I suppose that it can be somehow directly obtained. I just do not know how...

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