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Old 14-02-2010, 21:48
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Default selecting and adding shpes with effects as one...

Before I dive headfirst into this I figured I'd throw it at the forum...(since it's been so quiet here anyways)...lol

I just wanna add shapes to a shaperange, or process them one way or another, shaperange or not, and I want a shape with an effect to be counted as one item. I haven't had much of a chance to mess with it, but I noticed that parsing shapes usually counts the shape as one and the effect(which is a group usually) as another.

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Old 15-02-2010, 16:37
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Join Date: Jun 2009
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Posts: 811
Default Shapes exercise

Just in case any one wants to follow along and see how shapes get selected, counted, and or added to shaperanges.

You can use the attached file. Attached file contains 6 items but will be counted as 8 as you will see when following code.
The final sub will count them as 6 shapes. It will also group effects to their parent.

Maybe this helps someone.


Sub test() 'returns 8 shapes

Dim s As Shape
Dim sr As ShapeRange
Set sr = ActivePage.Shapes.All
MsgBox sr.Count

End Sub

Sub test2() 'returns 8 shapes

MsgBox ActivePage.Shapes.All.Count

End Sub

Sub test3() 'returns 8 shapes
    Dim s As Shape
    Dim sr As New ShapeRange
    For Each s In ActivePage.Shapes.All
        sr.Add s
    Next s
    MsgBox sr.Count
End Sub

Sub test4() 'returns 8 shapes

MsgBox ActiveSelection.Shapes.Count

End Sub

Sub test5() ' returns 6 shapes - adds effect group shapes and counts em as one.
    Dim s As Shape
    Dim srBegin As ShapeRange ' first sr with all shapes on page
    Dim sr As New ShapeRange ' new and to be final sr
    Dim prevSh As Shape, mainSh As Shape
    Dim i As Integer
    Set srBegin = ActivePage.Shapes.All
    For i = 1 To srBegin.Count
        Set s = srBegin(i)
        If _
            s.Type = cdrArtisticMediaGroupShape Or _
            s.Type = cdrBlendGroupShape Or _
            s.Type = cdrBevelGroupShape Or _
            s.Type = cdrContourGroupShape Or _
            s.Type = cdrCustomEffectGroupShape Or _
            s.Type = cdrDropShadowGroupShape Or _
            s.Type = cdrExtrudeGroupShape Then
            Set prevSh = s
            Set mainSh = s.Previous
            sr.Add s
        End If
    Next i
    MsgBox sr.Count 'how many shapes? should be 6
    'because we wanted to count effect group shapes as 1.
    'make sure we got the right shapes. Delete em to make sure.
    For Each s In sr
    Next s
End Sub
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File Type: cdr test.cdr (144.6 KB, 157 views)
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