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Old 02-06-2006, 20:24
Wendy Hurst
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Default Removing Frames from bitmaps

I'm using CorelDraw10. I'm sure there is a simple method for removing a frame
generated in Bitmaps, Creative, Frames... but so far I haven't found it!!
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Old 04-06-2006, 14:09
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When you use this command it encorporates the vignette in the bitmap. So if you are after a separate frame, this is not the way to do it.

As with anything you may have to revert to the original, I take and paste the unchanged image on a back page.

You can also create a macro in which you create a vector mask in CorelDRAW. It is very easy. The idea is to draw your frame in vector and combine the inner elipse with the outer rectangle. Then you can assign it a color, once assigned, make the entire graphic 100% transparent. The use the drop shadow and create a medium glow, from this you can choose the color of your vignette, I often change the properties of the drop shadow to outside and cut the feathering down to a low number, see which of the four options on feathering works best. The good thing about this is that it is non-destructive as with the bitmapped approach you have been using so you can always change it, it is also editable with the shape tool, so if there is a part you wish to include in your vignette such as someone's hand, you can edit the edge of the mask to include this part.

I do a lot of vignettes and have created a macro to make the most common type of vignette feathering and color, but I always draw my custom frame first. If I have a rectangular vignette to draw, I curve the corners first before I combine with the exterior matte and I get a much better vignette frame rather than the rectangular preset in the bitmapped vignette preset, it doesn't look like a beveled button.

If you have changed your bitmap and saved it with the vignette the only recourse to retrieving the previous version is to go back to the imported version, if you need to rescan, you will have to do that, or you will have to fake what you took out in PhotoPaint.

You could check your backup file that DRAW makes but if you have closed and reopenned your document, the backup will most likely include the vignette.

Another way to get a separate frame that is not vector is to make the vignette in PhotoPaint and then bring it back in as two layers. It is best to save this then as a .cpt file, that will preserve your original bitmap. If you prefer to flatten it, save one version that is not flattened or you will be in the same position, your data under the matte will be lost.

You are welcome to try my macro. It was written for X3, it will work in 12 but must be edited to do so, you must change the version reference to 12 as the drop shadow properties are different from 12 to X3, but it isn't using any of the X3 blending properties like "multiply" or "add".

The part that may me unusual is that the exterior of the mask is also going to be feathered. If the edges are interferring with what else is in my layout, I just group the vignette mask with the picture and powerclip them which makes them all neat and happy again.

I have some clients that love the idea of changing artwork, if I am uncertain about them needing a vignette changed, I use my custom vignette and not the frame or vignette that comes with DRAW.
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Old 09-06-2006, 00:33
Wendy Hurst
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Many thanks for your detailed and helpful response. I confess I haven't really worked with macros up to now but maybe this is the start!! You mentioned minor changes to your macro if using version 12 or up... what about version 10?
I'll also try some of the other methods you suggest.
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Old 09-06-2006, 18:42
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The major thing you have to worry about is there is a version number in ever macro written, so if the version isn't recognized by the one running it, it won't run, however you might be able to open in in Visual Basic Editor and change the version to 10 and correct the macro for your useage.

There are a lot of macros on the OberonPlace.com site which will work for 10. If you need a specific macro changed, people here will offer you help to do so.

Very friendly place round here.

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