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Old 20-02-2004, 18:08
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Default Late-Binding Question

Hello Everyone-

I need to drive CorelDraw via COM. My VB app needs to talk to Draw versions 9,10,11,12. Since I don't know at compile time what version my users will be running, I can't early-bind the coreldraw object . Instead, I intend to use late binding like:

Private Sub command1_click()
Dim myObj As Object

Set myObj = CreateObject("coreldraw.application")
MsgBox myObj.version

End Sub
Is there a way I can specify the object (9,10,11,or 12) that I am instantiating? Some folks may have multiple versions on the same machine, and it may be a crap-shoot as to which one gets fired off. The code above falls short in this respect.

Any ideas?


Rob Cohen
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Old 20-02-2004, 20:52
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Default Re: Late-Binding Question

Sure you can. The object name "CorelDRAW.Application" stands for the application version which was installed last. However the rest of the versions can still be instantiated by specifying the version number explicitly:

Set myObj = CreateObject("CorelDRAW.Application.10")
Set myObj = CreateObject("CorelDRAW.Application.11")
Well, you've got the idea
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Old 20-02-2004, 21:57
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Thanks Alex, thats exactly what I needed.

Curiously (and the reason I asked in the first place), a user reported that v10 was getting launched by the generic call, even though v11 and v12 were installed on the machine as well, and v10 hadn't been used in months. In any case, this should not be an issue as long as I specify the version.
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Old 27-02-2004, 06:32
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Default Multiple Versions

Adding my two cents to the question...

I had found out early on that when there were two versions of Corel ( especially 10 and 11 ) installed on the customers PC my applications written in VB did not perform correctly. I also found out that code changes were needed between versions to make up for errors in the Corel object model. This made having one code set impractical so I maintained different code sets for each version. Maybe I was doing something wrong all along but...
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