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Old 27-04-2005, 12:07
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Default Multiple files in for filtering

Hi to everyone!

I modified this code from a Topic about modifying .CDR files to an older format. I was going to credit the author, but I can't find the topic anymore! Anyhoo. My problem is filtering < 10 000 small files with the same filtering. But. The code just doesn't work (it's just that I began learning this just yesterday evening) My problem is the Layer Opacity that doesn't do anything. I imported the code from my script, and had severe difficulties transforming it to VBA...

Here's the code:

Sub ConvertFiles()

  SourceFolder = "F:\Temp\vaellusJPG\testi"
  TargetFolder = "F:\Temp\vaellusJPG\testi\muokatut"
  Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
  Set f = fso.GetFolder(SourceFolder)
  Set fc = f.Files
  For Each f1 In fc
    If LCase(Right(f1.Name, 5)) = ".jpeg" Then
      OpenDocument f1.Path
                CorelScript.EditCopyToFile "D:\TEMP\TEMP.BMP", 769, 0
                CorelScript.EditPasteObject 0, 575, "D:\TEMP\TEMP.BMP", 0, 575, 0, 0, False
                CorelScript.BitmapEffect "Smart Blur", "SmartBlurEffect SmartBlurDetail=25"
                CorelScript.ObjectSelect 1, True
                CorelScript.ObjectOpacity 50
                CorelScript.ObjectMerge True
      If Right(TargetFolder, 1) <> "\" Then TargetFolder = TargetFolder & "\"
      CorelScript.FileSave TargetFolder & f1.Name, 774, 0
    End If
End Sub
Normally, I would do this using Batch Process ... but the darn thing let's me load only 500 files at a time?! Must be an XP glitch (or a user glitch for that matter). I'd appreciate any help on this, because I just don't know how to proceed ...
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Old 27-04-2005, 15:27
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What you need to do is to use a single instance of CorelScript object:

With CorelScript
End With
This should help. Also it looks like you can do pretty much everything you wanted right in VBA without ever using CorelScript (except for the BitmapEffect command).

Here is an example (I haven't tried to run it myself but it should give you some ideas):

Dim doc As Document
Dim lr As Layer
Set doc = OpenDocument(f1.Path)
Set lr = doc.Layers.Add(, 50, , pntCopySelection)
CorelScript.BitmapEffect "Smart Blur", "SmartBlurEffect SmartBlurDetail=25"
If Right(TargetFolder, 1) <> "\" Then TargetFolder = TargetFolder & "\"
doc.SaveAs(TargetFolder & f1.Name, cdrJPEG).Finish
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Old 27-04-2005, 16:09
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Holy script!

Thank you big A!! That will get me going. I knew the VBA could do without the scripts, I just don't understand the help file at all. Well, it's just my second day in this so I'll start learning right now.

Massive thanks for your huge library of resources!!

- jP
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