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Old 23-08-2012, 07:07
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Unhappy Findshapes() finds ghosts (from shapes with effects)?

Hi again!

Having a bit of a problem here with apparently non-existing shapes being added to a ShapeRange. The general use is more complex, but I have picked out a smaller portion for testing purposes.

To test it out you would create a shape with a, say, shadow effect and some other regular shapes, like rectangles. Then run this:

Sub PicksWhatItShouldnt()
    Dim SR As ShapeRange
    Dim S As Shape
    Set SR = ActivePage.Shapes.FindShapes()
    SR.RemoveRange SR.FindAnyOfType(cdrNoShape, cdrBitmapShape, cdrTextShape, cdrBlendGroupShape, cdrExtrudeGroupShape, _
    cdrOLEObjectShape, cdrContourGroupShape, cdrLinearDimensionShape, cdrBevelGroupShape, cdrDropShadowGroupShape, _
    cdr3DObjectShape, cdrArtisticMediaGroupShape, cdrConnectorShape, cdrMeshFillShape, cdrCustomShape, _
    cdrCustomEffectGroupShape, cdrSymbolShape, cdrHTMLFormObjectShape, cdrHTMLActiveObjectShape, cdrPerfectShape, cdrEPSShape)
    For Each S In SR
        If S.Outline.Type <> cdrNoOutline And S.Outline.Color.Name <> "None" Then
        End If
    Next S
End Sub
In theory it should just ignore the shadow bits and convert the outline of all the shapes, but in reality we get this:

Any ideas? The main goal here is to do something with the fill and outline of each and every shape that supports such actions.
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Old 07-09-2012, 11:14
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Join Date: Nov 2008
Location: Latvia
Posts: 92
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Default Follow up

Alright, I managed to come up with a solution to this, that, while not too elegant still seems to function well. Use the power of .findshapes in small, controlled bursts, like this:

Dim SR As ShapeRange
Set SR = ActiveSelectionRange.Shapes.FindShapes(Type:="1", Recursive:=True)
SR.AddRange ActiveSelectionRange.Shapes.FindShapes(Type:="2", Recursive:=True)
SR.AddRange ActiveSelectionRange.Shapes.FindShapes(Type:="3", Recursive:=True)
SR.AddRange ActiveSelectionRange.Shapes.FindShapes(Type:="4", Recursive:=True)
SR.AddRange ActiveSelectionRange.Shapes.FindShapes(Type:="6", Recursive:=True)
It still digs into groups and such, but only picks the necessary shapes while avoiding programming anything recursive
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Old 10-09-2012, 12:34
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I would try a cql query. I have fed some extremely large strings to CQL and it eats them well.
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