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Old 19-12-2014, 14:41
BlackNight BlackNight is offline
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Default AlignToPageCenter adn AlignAndDistribute do not work in X7

I am upgrading from CorelDraw X5 to X7. I have an external program written in Vb.Net. When I change the reference to use X7 form X5 and run the code below the AlignToPageCenter does not work. The box is created but the box.AlignToPageCenter does not work, nothing happens to the box it does not move. I have tried box.AlignAndDistribute but that throws an Access violation error. I also need to align text to the center of the box but in X7 that does not work either using ThisLine.AlignToShape(just, box, CorelDRAW.cdrTextAlignOrigin.cdrTextAlignBoundingBox)

I understand that I could simply do something like box = CorelApp.ActiveLayer.CreateRectangle2(0 + 0.045, CorelDoc.MasterPage.BottomY + 0.045, (CorelDoc.MasterPage.SizeWidth - 0) - 0.09, CorelDoc.MasterPage.SizeHeight - 0.09)
to place the red box centered on the page but this is a siplified example of what I am doing. The issue is that AlignToPageCenter adn AlignAndDistribute do not work in X7. What is the alternative to this. I have uploaded the VS 2013 solution if it helps.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated Thanks

CorelApp.Application.Visible = True

CorelDoc = CorelApp.CreateDocument()

CorelDoc.Resolution = 1200

CorelDoc.Unit = CorelDRAW.cdrUnit.cdrInch
CorelApp.ActiveWindow.ActiveView.SetViewPoint(1.0#, 0.5, 100)
CorelDoc.MasterPage.SetSize(2.0#, 2.0#)
CorelDoc.MasterPage.Orientation = CorelDRAW.cdrPageOrientation.cdrLandscape
CorelDoc.MasterPage.PrintExportBackground = True
CorelDoc.MasterPage.Bleed = 0.0#
CorelDoc.MasterPage.Background = CorelDRAW.cdrPageBackground.cdrPageBackgroundNone

Dim boxColor As New CorelDRAW.Color
boxColor.CMYKAssign(0, 100, 100, 0)

Dim box As CorelDRAW.Shape
'box = CorelApp.ActiveLayer.CreateRectangle2(0 + 0.014, CorelDoc.MasterPage.TopY, (CorelDoc.MasterPage.SizeWidth - 0) - 0.09, CorelDoc.MasterPage.SizeHeight - 0.09)
box = CorelApp.ActiveLayer.CreateRectangle2(0 + 0.014, CorelDoc.MasterPage.CenterX, (CorelDoc.MasterPage.SizeWidth - 0) - 0.09, CorelDoc.MasterPage.SizeHeight - 0.09)
box.Name = "Box"
box.Outline.Width = 0.014 * 1

'box.AlignToPageCenter(CorelDRAW.cdrAlignType.cdrAlignVCenter, CorelDRAW.cdrTextAlignOrigin.cdrTextAlignBoundingBox)

box.AlignAndDistribute(VGCore.cdrAlignDistributeH.cdrAlignDistributeHDistributeCenter, VGCore.cdrAlignDistributeV.cdrAlignDistributeVDistributeCenter, VGCore.cdrAlignShapesTo.cdrAlignShapesToCenterOfPage)
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Old 07-07-2015, 14:12
mtracy mtracy is offline
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Default This worked for me in X7

Sub CenterToPage()
Dim sr As ShapeRange
Set sr = ActiveSelectionRange

sr.AlignRangeToPageCenter cdrAlignVCenter

End Sub
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