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Old 19-12-2007, 14:51
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Default [useful code] sortDelimitedText

Here's a function that sorts any amount of delimited text (the limit is only the RAM :-) very very quickly

Usage: sortedString = sortDelimitedText( someString, vbCrLf, bKeepDupes:=False, bAscending:=False, bCaseSensitive:=True)

All parameters except the text to sort are optional, their defaults are specified in the function header and are visible in the code-autocomplete tooltips (invokable also by Ctrl-I)
Function sortDelimitedText _
               (text$, _
                Optional Delim$ = vbCr, _
                Optional ByVal bKeepDupes As Boolean = False, _
                Optional ByVal bAscending As Boolean = True, _
                Optional ByVal bCaseSensitive As Boolean = False) _
   As String
   Dim var As Variant, sorted As Collection
   Dim L&, LDelim&, LText&, s$, k$, Direction&, txtCmp&
   Dim a&, b&, C&, rel&, collCnt&
   Set sorted = New Collection
   Direction = IIf(bAscending, 1, -1)
   txtCmp = IIf(bCaseSensitive, vbBinaryCompare, vbTextCompare)
   LDelim = Len(Delim)
   On Error Resume Next 'ignore collection VB error on adding a dupe
   For Each var In Split(text, Delim)
      s = CStr(var)
      If bKeepDupes Then
         k = (collCnt + 1)
         k = s
      End If
      a = 1: b = collCnt: C = 0: rel = 0
      Do While b - a >= 0
         C = (a + b) \ 2: rel = StrComp(s, sorted(C), txtCmp) * Direction
         Select Case rel
            Case -1: If C = a Then Exit Do Else b = C
            Case 0:  Exit Do
            Case 1:  If b = a Then Exit Do Else If a = C Then a = b Else a = C
         End Select
      If C = 0 Then sorted.Add s, k Else If rel = -1 Then sorted.Add s, k, C Else sorted.Add s, k, , C
      If bKeepDupes Then
         collCnt = collCnt + 1
      ElseIf Err.Number = 0 Then
         LText = LText + Len(s) + LDelim
         collCnt = collCnt + 1
      End If
   If bKeepDupes Then LText = Len(text)
   If LText = 0 Then Exit Function
   sortDelimitedText = Space$(LText)
   L = 1
   For Each var In sorted
     Mid$(sortDelimitedText, L) = var: L = L + Len(var)
     If L >= LText Then Exit For 'last delim is unneeded
     Mid$(sortDelimitedText, L) = Delim: L = L + LDelim
End Function
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