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Old 27-12-2012, 22:24
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Default Help! how to make a picture preview by using Image Control,just like Calendar Wizard?

Just do this, without make a ocx outside the gms file and do not reference anything, someone can help?
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Old 27-12-2012, 23:02
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Default Image Control for Calendar Wizard

The Calendar Wizard and other macros by Alex use the UI Extension Library or SCPRTL20.DLL The .dll has shipped with CorelDRAW for several versions now, so it is pretty safe to use. You can find detailed information about it here:

User Interface Extension Library 2.0

And the VBA interface to the DLL's functions here:

UI Extension Library VBA Interface

Hope that helps.

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Old 28-12-2012, 00:35
iceage3 iceage3 is offline
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That's pretty cool, thank you so much Shelbym!
I think this may take me quite a while to learn, thanks to the mighty Alex too!
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Old 28-12-2012, 20:56
iceage3 iceage3 is offline
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Shelbym, this User Interface dll is easy to use ,but when I tried to read data in memory, I find the GetPixel method is slow, is there some other better way to do this? Below is my code, if you have time, please try it. Thanks!

The bmp file is in the attachment, and its location is "c:\tmp_bitmap.bmp"

'Here is the code
Dim R&(), G&(), B&()

Sub rd()
Dim BackColor&, s$

BackColor = vbWhite
BeginImage 1000, 1000, BackColor
ImageDrawBitmap "c:\tmp_bitmap.bmp", 0, 0 ' load a bitmap on disk, width of bitmap:1000, height of bitmap :1000

MsgBox "Begin to Read the bitmap"
ReadColor 1, 1, 1000, 1000 'read the loaded bitmap into three arrays, R(),G(),B(), pixel by pixel
MsgBox "Done"

s = "c:\Temp123.bmp"
EndImage s
Kill s
End Sub

Public Sub ReadColor(Rx1%, Ry1%, Rx2%, Ry2%)
Dim xx&, yy&, Color&
ReDim R(1 To 1000, 1 To 1000), G(1 To 1000, 1 To 1000), B(1 To 1000, 1 To 1000)
'Read bitmap in memory pixel by pixel
For xx = Rx1 To Rx2
For yy = Ry1 To Ry2
Color = GetPixel(xx, yy)
If Color = -1 Then Color = 16777215

R(xx, yy) = Color Mod 256&
G(xx, yy) = ((Color And &HFF00) / 256&) Mod 256&
B(xx, yy) = (Color And &HFF0000) / 65536
Next yy
Next xx
End Sub
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File Type: zip tmp_bitmap.zip (416.2 KB, 352 views)
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