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Old 11-01-2015, 11:48
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Unhappy X7 Default value pen color & thickness

Hi, I'm trying to upgrade from X4 to X7.

I encounter different problems with my extensive amount of VBA macro.

After eliminating one impossible font (scr0103_1l.ttf) that crashes X7, I'm fitting for 6 hours on default values for at least pen color and pen thickness.

In X4, when I drew a shape (VBA rectangle, segment and so on), the thickness and color was taken in my workspace (red and 0.01 pt).

In X7, I don't know where the values come from.

Is it possible to set these values for a document like Unit or reference point ?

If not, I need to modify all my macros
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Old 11-01-2015, 21:48
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Default X7


I did a quick test of this and I have it working. If you set the default Graphic Style to your 1.0 pt and red outline then say create a simple rectangle in VBA the rectangle has the correct outline.

Screenshot attached

Attached Images
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Old 19-01-2015, 13:34
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Default X7

Thank you Shelbym for your test.

I encounter many problems with this upgrade with very often craches because I use extensively CSL files with a big collection of Symbols.
I encounter that kind of problem since first tests with X5 and X6 and I abandoned the upgrade. But now the upgrade becomes very necessary and I need to find the problems. I guess that kind of Symbol problems create artifacts around like pen and thickness.

If someone uses extensively Symbols, please could you tell me if you encounter similar problems. The crashes are exactly and always on the CreateSymbol function, ok after a while. I will qualify better with specific coding next weekend.

Every clue will help.

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Old 31-01-2015, 07:39
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Default Problem solved - CorelDraw Bug

My problem is solved. It was a memory leak located in the CorelDraw's function : CreateSymbol. This problem have been creating since X5. It was ok before, and persist today in X7.

The problem occurs every time you create (instance) a bit more than 90 symbols in a file, at that time CorelDraw crashes.

The loophole consists to Revert the Symbols and to purge the symbol memory with the PurgeUnusedSymbols function.

I hope this will help.

I hope of course that Corel will fix this bug in future version.
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