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Old 18-03-2003, 12:55
Craig Tucker
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Default Importing Files...

Hey All,
What is the best way to import a file into a boundingbox, but resize the boundingbox width/height to conform to the image being imported. IOW, want to import a portrait jpg picture into a square bounding box and don't want the jpg stretched. I currently import images into boundingboxes using the following code, but the image being imported is already sized correspondingly...

s.GetBoundingBox ldLogoX, ldLogoY, ldLogoSX, ldLogoSY
mPage.ActiveLayer.Import lcLogo

Thanks Much,
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Old 18-03-2003, 18:14
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Default Re: Importing Files...


I don't see how your code stretches the imported file to fit into the bounding box of a shape. As far as I can tell, you just get the bounding box of a shape and then import a file. Maybe later you move it somehow, but that's not visible from the code you provided.

Anyway, my guess is that you want to import an image and place it inside a shape so that the imported graphics is no larger than the shape itself.

That's very easily done with Shape.SetBoundingBox method which can stretch shapes while keeping proprtions.

Here is a simple code that imports a file and places it "inside" the selected rectangle:

Public Sub ImportAndFit()
    Dim x As Double, y As Double
    Dim sx As Double, sy As Double
    If ActiveShape Is Nothing Then
        MsgBox "Please select a container object first", vbCritical
        Exit Sub
    End If
    ActiveShape.GetBoundingBox x, y, sx, sy
    ActiveLayer.Import "C:\Temp\1.gif"
    If ActiveShape Is Nothing Then
        MsgBox "Nothing imported", vbCritical
        Exit Sub
    End If
    ActiveShape.SetBoundingBox x, y, sx, sy, True, cdrCenter
End Sub
As you see, it's very easy to do. SetBoundingBox is quite smart. Here True means "keep original shape proportions while fitting it into the new bounding box". The last cdrCenter specifies that the shape should be centered both horizontally and vertically within the specified bounding box. You can use any of the other reference point constants such as cdrTopLeft or cdrMiddleRight.

I hope this is what you wanted.
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Old 18-03-2003, 19:40
Craig Tucker
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That was dead on target! As you guessed, this is exactly what I needed...
I had stopped at:
.ActiveSelection.SetBoundingBox ldLogoX, ldLogoY, ldLogoSX, ldLogoSY
and didn't know about the additional features.
Again, Thanks so much for the help!
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