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Old 06-12-2010, 10:17
Craig Tucker
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Default CorelDRAW X5 Font Substitution Issue

Hi All,
One of our designers has reported a very critical issue with CorelDRAW X5 and I wanted to post this out to you all to see if any of you have experienced the same problem. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
Thanks much,
Craig Tucker

Summary: We have discovered a CorelDRAW X5 issue dealing with font substitution. This is a big problem because pre-press will now change fonts on files without realizing it.

Normally when we open a file that uses the fonts that we do not have, Corel will give a warning, stating which font is missing and suggesting a similar font to substitute it with. It also gives us an option for this substitution to be temporary or permanent. If we choose the temporary, the file is still being saved out with the correct original font.

The problems arise when we work with files that use a font we did not have. The warning shows up only when we opened the first file; all following files did not give us any warning, CorelDRAW X5 simply changes the fonts on them to something completely random without letting us know our font was missing and that it changed it. This was never an issue with Corel 13 or 12.

(Windows 7 & Corel 15 combination) to do the following test:
1. Make new Corel document and make a paragraph text with some random more fancy font.
2. Save 3 versions of this document (basically same file with 3 different names). Have them all be Corel 12.
3. Then find that font on your system and remove it.
4. Try opening the 3 Corel docs you made one by one and see what happens. If missing font window displays, click “temporary” for font substitution, then go on and open the next file. Do you get the missing font warning each time?

Test 1.
Used “Brady Bunch remastered” and it auto-replaced it on the second 2 files that we opened. Even worse thing - it used a different font almost each time.
File 1-Gomorrah
File 2&3 -Zurich

Test 2.
First one opened with the message and replaced “ Stratum Bold” with “Good Dog” then the next two files open with no message and the font has been changed to “Boost Neo”.

Each test returns dynamic random font substitution results...
Online Corel Support suggest resetting CorelDRAW back to factory settings which did not resolve issue. We are in process of openning ticket with paid Corels support and will also post results of what we find here.

Again, your feedback is greatly appreciated.
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Old 13-12-2010, 11:09
Craig Tucker
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Default Confirmed as Corel X5 Bug.

Hi All,
Here's a followup on the issue. Corel said that they were able to reproduce the issue. They do not have a work around or fix at the moment - Corel indicated that its seems like a bug in the software and not a user or computer issue. They also said that they will write up the issue and pass it along to the engineers. This makes me think that there may not be a quick solution and that we will have to wait for an updated software build to fix it.
Thanks, Craig
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