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Old 05-06-2003, 13:18
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Default same instance of corel - version 2

kind of a follow up to a previous quesion a while back. i'm still having the problem of corel not using the open instance/process of corel on a server. over time, i'll have several. i'm not calling "open application" or anything like that, i'm just doing this:
Application.Visible = False
    ActiveDocument.ActivePage.Orientation = cdrLandscape
    ActivePage.SizeWidth = SignSize_W
    ActivePage.SizeHeight = SignSize_H
my question is this: is it "application.visible" that is causing it? it's being called through an activeX exe from an asp page. i don't think i necessarily have to tell it visible = false as i think it does this on it's own.

basically i want it to use the open version (which is 11 btw), what do i need to do?
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Old 06-06-2003, 09:44
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ok. that didn't seem to make a difference. but had another thought wanted to bounce of you alex. when running the activex component it obviously runs as a process, not an application (meaning, nothing shows up in the app tab in task manager).

so my question is, would running corel as an app window solve this? but, i have a problem of the activex launching its own corel process even if i have a corel app window open. so i have 1 corel showing up in the app tab and 2 showing up in the process tab. therefore, i'm thinking that i have to show a form out of the activex to be able to use the open corel application.

does this make sense? i hope so, becaue it barely does to me... :roll:
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